Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tuesday blah-blah

Good morning ... DOW minus 67 points. Nothing much as KLCI is not correlated to DOW.

KLCI chart ... I m going long. But .. it has been sideway without direction and many stocks trading at low volume.

So ... since market is boring, move away ... and trading SOY is interesting now due to the swing. It gapped up this morning ... hit 34.14 ... and yesterday's low was at 33.23 ... every bit = USD6. Serious traders should consider FKLI, FCPO and SOY ... these are my main focus at the moment.

Today kinda glad with my morning short of SOY, taken 19bits.

Ok ... let this post goes in first ... and then only continue my blah-blah. haha.

12.10 pm : I guess the post should be sent to i3 by now ... so, now I could continue to blog and it would not be refesh and whatever I m going to write after this will NOT be seen in i3. haha.

But ... I will want to go for lunch first.

Vitrox : Breakout today ... above RM4.10. Buy.

VS breakout yesterday .... BUY.

off for lunch.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Pump-n-dump : MLab

Morning ... talking bout pump-n-dump ... that is endless. Some counters will be pumped ... for those operators to release all their holding as they knew ahead the 'bad smell' inside the closet.

MLab is the latest the pump-dump list. Hope those burnt inside would learn the painful lesson and move on ...

I was sad ... then down for few days due to ...

RIP, Chester.

Then ... I was having flu-cough for a week, hence I do not have any e-meeting ... but planning to have one this Thu night (go to for the links and etc)

Yes ... i want to talk about pump-n-dump ... a common situation which retailers stuck inside.

Ok ... time to rest after market opens ... without anything much.

Sideway ... and lagging behind most market. Smell of election is around the corner with Felda-supporters getting incentive, then MRT as a gift to us, public.

I will sell most ahead of election.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Headlines of Focus (week 242)

This week Focus headlines


Nestle : At above RM83 ... it is still a good strong uptrend. Will it split-10 ... just like what Digi did, so that it would be trading at RM8.30 ... which 'looks' cheaper? Actually, split will not add value to the stocks, just the liquidity.

While Nestle may not attract most retailers (RM83 is expensive in their mine ... no understanding that it is the same as buying into RM8.30 ... or 83cents stocks, actually) ... another side headlines attract us more ...

BDB ... Opensys .. and Bornoil.

In fact ... I bought the 'paper' to read about Bornoil.

For the three charts, do visit as I will update the charts there (by tmr night).


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Pump-n-dump : MLab

This is short-lived ... pump ... then dump. I guess many gamblers/retailers/newbies stuck inside or forced to cut-loss.

Try not to punt into such ... then , we should be OK.


Trades done : Krono and Frontkn

please go to :

This will be for my blah-blah only ... as I feel more comfortable to blah-blah here. Phew.

Oh yes, Penta broken RM3.50 today and ... MMSV breakout into new high again.


Assignments for newbies

Great morning ... not been blogging for a while .. not only the flu-cough slowing me down, the tuition classes are back.

Also ... these days, focusing in short term trading. Focus ...

I tried my new-blog ... someone, the mental block is still there ... couldnt write blah-blah there ... all serious stuff, charts ... and more on my trades! Arrgghh .... can I just let my hair down? Oppss ... I hv very short hair-cut. haha

My blog .... oh boy, I m abandoning this home of mine ...

FGV : Sold 1.68 done moments ago ... good trade.

Done many of these short-term trade ... yesterday a new member done his first trade .... and followed my entry of Ekovest 1.08-1.09 ...cut-loss 1.05, can take? Can .... good his first assignment I given him.

Before market closed, I gave him his second assignment = FGV. Today is sell 1.68 ... done.

So, as he is newbie ... he needs to learn to be discipline and follow strictly to trading rules I m trying to show him .

Going for his third assignment (missed dataprp this morning) ... efficen

Got to focus in my trades ... FCPO is opening.


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

New IPO : Titan

KUALA LUMPUR: Lotte Chemical Titan Holding Bhd, one of Malaysia’s biggest initial public offerings (IPOs) in recent years, made a steady debut on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities at its revised offer price of RM6.50 on Tuesday.
Titan is in RED ... one of the very few IPOs that in red ... in first day itself. Yesterday ... Advcon, a smallish company's listed ... with gap-up and surge like crazy.
So ... dont buy heavy IPO ... buy into smallish IPOs. Sell on day 1 of listing.
Atta-la : Saying bye-bye to Atta ... whatever ta ... or auta?
Updated my Atta-la trades : 
Time to watch many tumbling down today ... buying opportunities?

Sunday, July 09, 2017

Moving to new blog   to

This is to inform (in weekly basis till end of 2017) that I have moved away to my new blog.

KLCI  expecting to rebound from here. At 20MA weekly support.

See you there.