Wednesday, June 24, 2009

DOW down a little ... will KLCI down a little again today? Yes, it formed a doji yesterday when it dived more than 10 points but managed to close lower by a mere 1+ points. Many stocks were in that situation, giving us a signal to BUY today?

I will only look into the warrants that have dived 20-40% for the past few days. But, I hv not decided which one to go for ... just wait for the queues later ...

Topglove : Due to the swine-flu pandemic, Topglove has been manys fav. Yes, fundamentally this is a good company(largest in the world, ya) and will attract investors. Bloomberg asked some question to its CFO yesterday. They are opening up more factories to increase their productions!!

12.25 pm : With most up, I could not catch anything, except more of TM-ci at 0.10(someone threw away 1,000,000 units at 0.10!!).

2.25 pm : Yes, i hv learned to queue lower ... it is take-it of leave-it kinda attitude. Because trading are random, we dont know which one will jump up or dive down.

6.15 pm : KLCI up 13.37 ... with many registered more than 5% profits.

Do look into warrants ... Hovid and Olympia up more than 20%, AnnJoo up more than 10%, with many more. Sunway and WaSeong up almost 10%. TGOffs, Ramunia, SPSetia and WCT too.

I will NOT look into others except warrants and call-warrants in KLSE. That was my plan since the beginning of the year after I found that I like highly leveraged financial instruments.

Currently, I m learning about options(call and put) and will begin to buy into it once I m 'ok'. I m experimenting with it(with no cash involved yet). Another financial instrument I do like is Forex. Start small ... grow once confidence grows. That was how I deal with KLSE. Will share how I started from a mere RM10k as an initial buying only one or two counters in KLSE last year ... and today, I m dealing with 10x the amounts, trading warrants and HKSE.

Next step? Foreign options and forex.

I m currently STILL very much in novice level due to lack of experience. Yes, I m only one and a half year into these things. So, there is NO WAY I could be 'experienced'. Nothing can replace experience. It is like teaching Maths for 20+years, I could teach with a pen, and done most of the questions(pre-U level) without using much of the brain-cells. I believe, one day ... I could be an experience trader/investor too(like the 20% who profitting from markets) ... with EXPERIENCE. If I do not trade, do not dare to lose lots of money, I could never understand the PAIN. Once you got cut so frequently, you are 'immuned'. But, a reminder to myself not to REPEAT the same mistakes again and again. I admit I still do. *piak*.

Anyway, I need to be very focus in my doings as I m dealing with larger sum of money now. I need to remind myself to be rational, to stand my two feet on the ground and NEVER get distracted. Easier said than done as I hv been distracted many of times.

Enough said ... I still have years to learn from many. I m still reading books, and using small portions of my profits to buy more books. I will attend seminars and to learn more. That is my education journey. And feeling the ups&downs of markets is my ... Trading Adventure.


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