Tuesday, June 23, 2009

DOW downed 200points due to the newly revised forecast from The World Bank. Therefore, we might see another round of slaughtering in KLSE .... heeee-yaahhh ... all those in play killed merciless and we shall see the sea of blood. It is grim ... the cloud darkens as we run to save our dear lives. Those who came out to play last week are caught in these scrambling scene, crumbling like a *TRANSFORMER* stampede on us, helplessly.

I still have few babes out there, expose to the danger. May be I need to cut of GPacket(support at 0.70, I might BUY more instead) and LionInd(I like this babe, man).

Somewhere Only We Know

Corrections or Reversal?

First of all, the so-called correction is OVER-DUED. If you believe that this is just a temporary pull-back, then you should be glad to BUY more 'cheaper' stocks. Just be ready to BUY even more when it retraces further. But, if you think it is a reversal ... then, you have no choice but to CUT it off as soon as it reaches your cut-loss point. It is a total contradiction. So, it's all boils down to YOUR OWN BELIEFS.

If you listen to Bloomberg/CNBC on daily basis, you will know what I mean. So many contradicting opinions(opinions are CHEAP, anyway ... or is it free?) being aired and without any knowledge, you could be 'lemas'. It is ridiculous ... I was smiling cynically last night when I heard someone started to talk about BEAR RALLY and the situation turned so bearish!! Suddenly, we are talking about BEAR RALLY and being bearish?? Haha ... it is from the same person speaking about BULL-RUN or green-shoots just 2 weeks ago? Oh boy ... Bloomberg/CNBC blokes are simply amazing. They are good in TALKING and that is why they are WORKING there, see?

If you listen more, read more ... and ANALYSE some facts, you know that you should NOT listen to too much of noises. NO ONE could actually tell if the global economies recovering NOW but Soros said 'the worst is over'. May be ... may be not. There are simply too many financial policies might affect the world financial systems globally. Whether it is G20, G2 or G8 ... it doesnt matter. Or we have BRIC in the picture now. If you follow these developments closely(like I tried to), you will be confused!! No GOV will like to expose their strategies in protecting their own countries. There is a constant struggles between them.

I will still stand on my views just before this rally started in MAC. I still see this as a bear-rally, and we will be going through a deep dive(but of coz I dont know if this correction could be THE dive of the year?) ... and I want to be ready to buy on stages, preparing more bullets in months to come to BUY. Yes, buying in 2009 could NOT be the PEAK, don't worry. BUYING in 2007/2008 was buying-at-the-peak. But, is 2009 THE BOTTOM? Time could tell ...

8.45 am : Brace yourself for the 'killing' field.

10.15 am : I hv to let go of my babe, LionInd(B : 1.25, S : 1.16). Well, I will want to only play with warrants as many diving down, creating a beautiful waterfalls. As I m busy today, I will not be buying any or even monitoring.

GPacket : Going below 0.70, at 0.675 vs 0.68 at the moment. Will keep this one as it is reaching its low at 0.60 ... perhaps that will be my next entry point.

Petra : At almost 2.40 level now, it is retracing about 20% of my purchase point and I m still waiting(for some lucky stars to shoot?) to see how low it could go, to accumulate.

HKSE : CWP at 0.83 ... and all REDS in HKSE too. Sinopec going back to 5.50 level. LingBao moving below 2.80 now(JL : BUY at 2.50 level) while China Cosco below HKD9.00 now.

AnnJoo-wb below 0.50 now. I think I will compile the waterfalls later.

My eyes turn red, most of the call-warrants and warrants in my list showing RED. Some with more than another 10% step-down. I m queue-ing for TM-CI and will accumulate it.

12.25 pm : KLCI lost almost 10points but many are higher that the intraday low registered in the morning. GPacket at 0.69, touched 0.675.

Welcoming SamChem to the playground.

HKSE : Giants with P/E less than 10 -,,,,,

4.00 pm : KLCI attracts bargain-buyers ... many green now!! Hai ya, I sold off my LionInd too early again. Hmm ...

5.15 pm : KLCI lost only merely 1 point +, while HSI lost 500+ points. CWP at 0.82 now.

10.00 pm : DOW up a little. Welcoming back GOME, up almost 70% today!!

10.30 pm : Tmr is a buying spree for me ... moving into warrants, thinking of 4/5 warrants with each 10k/20k units? TgOffs, AnnJoo, WCT, SPSetia and Sunway. How about Affin? Hmm ...


p/s : I will watch Transformer with my son(3.5 years old now) and this will be the first movie I m watching in 4 years? Wow. I don't believe in using money, fyi.

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