Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Stock Alert : FLBhd

FLBhd : Been alerting few times as it continues to go lower, gap down to break RM1.40 support. See you at RM1.20 level and will alert again.

Obviously, the trend is over looooong time again, reversed at RM3 shooting star. Once the first neckline support broken ... over. Along the way, of coz it will rebound ... and drift lower ... cant understand why SO MANY asking about FLBhd ... cheap becoming cheaper ... prepare to stuck for looong period and to average down is not advisable.

Market not crash yet .... but so many stuck inside FLBhd (why ar? in love?) ... wait till crash, FLBhd in penny, then only talk about cheap or FA, can?

Trade at own risk.

Note : I hv abandoned FLBhd t RM2.80 level


Tuesday, November 21, 2017

e-meeting : Time to buy?

e-meeting : Is it time to BUY?

Tue, Nov 21, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

We need to sell ahead of the sell-off ... and then check if we could buyback much lower.

Talk about that tonight.




Stock Alert : Gamuda-we

Gamuda-we : breaking RM1.14 today ... at 1.08 now, see if I could catch it.

Today ... Cuscapi done some killing in morning to dive 10% lower. See how many retailers could sustain to hold.

I m ading Gamuda-we for technical-rebound ... uptrend, trade breakout. Downtrending ... do counter-trend trade la.


Stock Alert : Dnex

Dnex ... was once a popular hot-stock. See how they push it up marked-up twice ... and now on the way down .

AVOID if you are not in position.

I do not check Dnex since it down and sideway.


Monday, November 20, 2017

e-meeting : MMSV

Today is Monday ... another bearish day.

FCPO : gapped down and I covered my short (last Friday) and it went lower ... minus 80plus points today, loooong time I do not see such volatilities. No guts to short back at closing (2630). Oversold.

KLCI no rebound zzzz

Ok ... going to start to do short clips regular basis. Then, post to youtube. I need to be careful (not to expose many out there) and strictly focus in analysing stocks.

Tonight : 8pm to 8.30pm

Stock Analysis #1 : MMSV

Mon, Nov 20, 2017 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will take MMSV as my 1st youtube clip.

Will create a channel ... instead of blogging, can start Vlog.


Buying during crash

If you are 'normal' human ... who read forums, read media and social-media channels ... you will tend to FOLLOW the herd.

That is one of the reasons I left forums some 3-4 years ago as I noticed that most like/enjoy empty talks ... and also many runners there to MIS-lead us.

I do not follow the telegram/watsapp groups too ... as it is noisy, with so many 'sifus' around.

So ... i listened to Hu-Li-Yang ... he said : Cash is king in this coming few years. Also ... if u bought some stocks WRONGLY, you might stuck for years!!

So ... what should we do?

Be a contrarian ... avoid all the social-public forums. Avoid reading broker-reports. Trade short-term with STRICT cut-loss.

Keep cash ... we are still in BULLish market.


Sunday, November 19, 2017

e-meeting : Property Stocks

Property Stocks

Sun, Nov 19, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Just sharing some trading ideas on property-stocks.

Join my stock-trading group (contact : )




Saturday, November 18, 2017

LBS vs L&G

L&G : downtrending ... support now at 21cents, and I could not find a reason WHY I should buy into her ... perhaps, speculators buying 21cents to sell at resistance 23cents.

LBS : This is uptrend ... now, we could see which one is nicer. Pending breakout into new high, there are NOT many uptrending property-stocks.

So ...  always trade into uptrading stocks ... just check the chart and use eyes to see : is it up or down? No need softwares or those indicators. Need little brain, tho.

Once you found an uptrending stock ... learn to trade uptrending and GET OUT once the trend is over.

Search for internet ... define the trend.

Have a good Sunday.


Checking on Property Stocks

Saturday noon ... just done morning session of my tuiion classes and had my lunch. Still have an hour to blog ... while reading The Edge and Focus, reading only the headlines. Today's StarBiz is more interesting as it is written about 'property-sector'. Overall, I m bearish on the sector and have abandoned it some years ago.

SPSetia ... creating som excitement, with huge volume seen last week. One of the few property counters still standing ... I still remember that I bought and collect SPSetia as when Liew exited SP ... for Eco. Well, Ecoworld is the back-door listing in KLSE, then given birth to EWInternational.

Ecoworld : Can't remember the exact price of the private placement (PP) by a 'prominent' investor ... 1.20-1.30 level, I think. I didnt take any trades into property stocks. No way.

Property index at support now ... and since the 'guru' said property market might crash in 2018, The Star paper dedicating the weekend biz-news relating to property-stories.

So ... since many bearish in 'property-sector' and news creating more fear, being a contrarian ... I will check on the whole sector later (perhaps an e-meeting to share) and to see opportunities to trade (I will not buy-hold property counters ... it is 2017 now, ya)

UEMS ... this attracts me better ... ok, put inside my trading-stalk list.

Ok ... time to listen to songs, rest ... and do more work on 'property stocks' over the weekend.

Have a nice buying ... buy during FEAR la. Dont just quote Warren Buffett.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Stock Alert : VS

VS : Broken the important RM3 level yesterday. EXIT.

Note : It triggered my cut-loss VS-wa 1.34 yesterday. This morning rebounded to hit 1.37 but as expected selling pressure comng in ... at 1.25 now. DO NOT CATCH.


Stock Update : MMSV

After MMSV broken the neckline ... the two black candles showing more downside.

MMSV after yesterday ... see if we could have another long black to consider buying into.

Note : I will day-trade MMSV today if there is opportunity.

Thanks to all who came for my e-meeting last night where I shared WHY it is so important to cut-loss (or take profit) when the neckline broken so that, if we wanted to ... we could buyback earlier.

It is a DOWNTRENDING stock now, the one I traded all the way up till recently cut-loss at 1.78.

Trade at own risk.


Thursday, November 16, 2017

e-meeting : Is the selldown over?

Is the selldown over?

Thu, Nov 16, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Is it time to buy?

Continuation of last-night e-meeting.




Stock Alert : Dialog

Dialog : I bought when breakout ... and sold at RM2.38, a little too early as it hit new high RM2.44 ... now at RM2.30.

Note : I m still positive in Dialog and trading it up. Buy during pullback, sell when surge.


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

e-meeting : Is it time to buy?

Selldown : Is it time to buy?

Wed, Nov 15, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Tonight ... I will share some of my criteria of buying. Yes, I sold many yesterday ... some 2-3 days ago ... awaiting for today's selldown.

So ... now, in cash position ... is it time to buy?

Instead of blog about it, as usual... I prefer an e-meeting (will be recorded but not shared).

Join me if free tonight ...




單身情歌 by 林志炫


抓不住愛情的我 總是眼睜睜看她溜走
世界上幸福的人到處有 為何不能算我一個

*為了愛孤軍奮鬥 早就吃夠了愛情的苦
 在愛中失落的人到處有 而我只是其中一個 (而我不是最後一個)

愛要越挫越勇 愛要肯定執著
 每一個單身的人得看透 想愛就別怕傷痛

☆找一個最愛的 深愛的 相愛的 親愛的人 來告別單身
 一個多情的 癡情的 絕情的 無情的人 來給我傷痕
 孤單的人那麼多 快樂的沒有幾個
 不要愛過了 錯過了 留下了單身的我 獨自唱情歌

Repeat *#☆

找一個最愛的 深愛的 相愛的 親愛的人 來告別單身
一個多情的 癡情的 絕情的 無情的人 來給我傷痕
傷心的人那麼多 我應該勇敢的過

不要愛過了 錯過了 留下了單身的我 獨自唱情歌
這首真心的 癡心的 傷心的單身情歌 誰與我來和

As market is kinda boring (after sold off many), time to listen to songs ... while waiting for any sales.

I like this song ... and wife too. So, our morning kara-oke song. haha


Stock Alert : PMBTech

PMBtech ran very fast up ... in fact too fast due to goreng-news related ... and see how it is being dump now.

At the moment, it downs another 4%, at RM3.88.

I do not know catch it up ... and watching, not to catch it down either.


Selling time

Good morning ... to a bearish day ahead.

Yesterday, I sold many ... clearing at losses (tho all 'small' and manageable), ahead of possible of sell-down.

Genting : Sold her off as rebound failing

GenM : Sold off as RM5 broken

Dialog : Sold for profit yesterday but it hit new high

Inta : cut-loss at my 36cents stop-loss triggered

Masteel : bought breakout ... but yesterday, no follow-thru and sold it off. This one profitting.

I sold so many for past two days ...

HLT :  sold too for good profit, two days ago. Yesterday black candle ... not to catch yet. Check 58cents level

Need to rest ... and re-check again for next week.

Market is not running ... in fact, KLCI going against most global indices. haha.


Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Stock Alert : MMSV

MMSV : at 1.71 now, it is breaking the support. I have alerted all in my group to exit if break 1.77 level. Exit.


Stock Alert : Palette and MUI

Morning ... a sleepy morning as I watched SOY diving ... minus 1.40% last night (and I have a short position in FCPO ... see if gap down later).

It is almost 8am ... I m still sleepy, but need to get myself up to have breakfast and to check on some news.

Last night, during my weekly e-meeting ... I did alert many on the pump-dump situation ... and hopefully members will not be greedy to follow those 'speculative news' ... once they dump, do get out.

MUI-Ind : dumped minus 18% yesterday after someone denied he is going to take over as being speculated.

Palette : dumped some minus 17% yesterday ... high volume. This one gorenged some few hundred % up, I didnt follow her.

Do beware of these speculative counters if we are trading as ... we wont know when they are going to dump. But, once they do ... sell and do not average it down if we are caught.

Ok ... time for check markets.

Have a nice trading day.


Monday, November 13, 2017

Stock Watch : HLT

Morning ... Monday. Today's traffic in Subang Jaya cleared ... no jam on Monday morning rush? No one rushing?

HLT : This is my current trading stock ... breakout again into new high, hold and add. Ride the trend.

A good e-meeting last night to check that I need to be patient .... wait.

Ok, will write again later ... needing to go exercise. Haha.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

e-meeting : Get Started

Book Sharing : Get Started

Sun, Nov 12, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:00 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

A good book to share ; selected topic 13




Blogging using iPad ?

Blogging using iPad ... learning to explore new things. Challenging ... but possible.

Testing out to post picture/photos ... but I think I needed to save the pictures/photos into the device first ... hmm ... how about posting charts?

Can’t even find how to post a photo from iPad. Hmm ... look into that later.

Many things to learn ... so that I do not need to carry my heavy-pc around ... to blog.

Blogging comes natural ... no longer blog as things becoming un-natural longer creative or to find the motivation to do so. No thanks to many negative remarks ... no thanks to bad unappreciative humans around ... but that is not really my main obstacles. The ... natural blogging instinct is no longer there ...

Anyway, hope to find my ways back to this cyber home ... I think I still have few appreciative good readers around, ya.

Focus on the positive ... don’t QUIT.

To continue later ...


Friday, November 10, 2017

Breakout : HLT

HLT : breakout into new high 62.5 at the moment ... I mentioned this in my last night e-meeting the why I bought HLT.

Remember the uptrending ... I have to remind myself too.


Motivation for blogging

Morning ... it is Friday. I slept late again .... watching "Ellen".

Many great people ... inspiring stories.

Ok ... today, i m motivated (a little) by a message from a reader , stating that he reads my blog ... and follows my writings!! Great ... thanks, sir.

He wants to join my tmr's trading workshop but unfortunately could not make it. Well, will try to arrange a coffee-date him as I like those who 'like' me ... not many like me, you see. haha.

I just finished a book ... nope, not financial-related ...but my plan of travelling and touring whole Malaysia (and stay there for days/weeks) after I retired ... exploring kampungs and small rural area ...raise money/funds for them!!

yes ... reaching out those 'abandoned' and really 'under-priviliged' ones ... that is what I wish to do.

#1 : travel locally by bike
#2 : taking up photogrphy
#3 : turn this blog into travelling-adventure
#4 : reaching out to the poor
#5 : create awareness
#6 : help in networking for the NGOs

These are list of things I m planning to do after I retired ... in coming few years time. Might start a cloud-funding .... ooopsss, I mean ..crowd-funding. haha

This is life at 50 for me ... slowing down in my teaching, slowing down watching markets (acquired the required knowledge and now waiting for opportunties) ... no longer teach trading (many so-called trainers/sifu out there .... I will be back during crash, ya. ring me. haha)

In fact, I subscribed to Netflix and iflix force myself to watch movies!! Hmm ... I have lost touch with the world after years of indulging in learning about money, investments and trading.

ok, got to go jalan-jalan and continue later IF i could find the motivation ...


Thursday, November 09, 2017

e-meeting : Uptrending stock

e-meeting : Uptrending stocks

will discuss on "INTA" as example on buying into uptrending stock

Thu, Nov 9, 2017 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Trading Workshop : this sat

Good morning from 'old town' ... had breakfast here. let me check the chart of 'old town'.

At a glance .. nothing there interesting about Old-town's chart ... dont know why the gaps (highlighted) and now drifting lower (not a buy). It has been drifting from RM2.80 to current RM2.50 level.

Today, I will need to start to prepare and updates my workshop notes .... as it is confirmed on this Saturday (whole day) and then, I will create a watsapp group for them to ask questions, learn to trade in REAL and need to motivate them to plan those trades.

It is a 1-2 months of hands-holding .... and beyond that, they have to take initiative to learn further or join my stock-watch group to check my my trades .... and learn from there. Trading is very difficult in the real sense ... I dont wish to lie on that ... and unlike those 'trainers' who are not traders themselves, it is not easy to explain 'real trading'.

real trading needs more than theories ... those we can get 'free' from youtube, websites and such. To be real, we need to be realistic .... and THAT ITSELF is difficult.

so ... my tradin workshp is more of sharing HOW I do things ... simple charting but emphasis should be on trading-plans, risk management and cultivating the right MINDSET.

That is too difficult to teach ... as I hv knew so many not realistic newbies/novices ... and they really thought paying for those softwares/workshops .... thousands of dollars would help them. Most of them obviusly will find out sooner or later, disappointments.

So ... if u r a realistic trader who wish to learn real trading, contact me : or watsapp : 012 821 0129 and this will be my second workshop for this year. Next year ... I do not plan any as market will be very volatile and we are heading to the 2018 ...

Learn to prepare for crisis ... and will share with them what I hv been preparing for past 1-2 yrs now, awaiting for great opportunities ...

Have a nice trading week ahead.


Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Selldown : Gamuda

Gamuda : selldown today ... I didnt catch this one but I caught PMetal during selldown (at RM4.70, but my 4.60 and 4.50 not done).

Tmr ... catching Gamuda at RM4.50. See will be done or not.

trade at own risk.


Thursday, November 02, 2017

Oil and Gas rallying

Morning ... I know I have not been blogging for some time. Lazy-ness is one of the excuses I could give .... or busy with classes (students sat for final exams last week ... I m kinda free this week onwards).

Monday was a very good day when I managed to do few very good trades ... so, I took a break and visited my friend (his father passed away). Well ... Bentong ... nice wheather there, not hot-humid unlike KL. But, we didnt hunt for durian. haha.

Yes ... I want to write a little of what I shared during few recent e-meetings regarding O&G which are in play ... but we have to pay more when we pump petrol la. haha.

Trading O&G stocks in my short-term list : Armada, UMWOG, Hibiscus and Senergy(diving today ... some funds selling la)

Krono : As I m 'speaking' here, Krono hitting new high 1.26 ... today. Bought at 1.11 breakout, added 1.15 breakout, today to add again. and HOLD?

Where am I?

Oh yes ... lazy to blog. haha ... prefer e-meeting. And STILL prefer here rather than my newly created blog ...cpteh50. hmm ... old man prefer comfy old home, indeed.

My friend (who is trading FCPO) asked me to write a book regarding my trading set-ups and how I picked the stocks.

For example  : How do I knew in DEC 2016, we should focus only in tech-sector for 2017 ... while I left the whole construction stocks which I was trading in 2016 (OKA, Econbhd, Suncon, Gamuda etc)?

How do we pick O&G sector to rally from here? Which one should we take? What is the time frame like? Any idea on why it is rallying ... and how long would it last? Is it sustainable?

I was collecting UMWOG at 30cents after the right-issues ... then, it stopped me out when it went below 29cents!! Now ... it is back in play at 34 (I chosen Hibiscus, instead liao) . Resistance 35.5 and 39cents next. Check out Armada too.

Armada is going to 77.5cents resistance again ... so, I wont chase leh.

One goreng-news out regarding ex-Ramunia ... read somewhere that Yinson might rescue them?

I see chart ... read some news and trade accordingly. Not analysing on the details of the fundamentals. But ... personally I feel the current rally is NOT sustainable. We shall watch how it ends by end of Dec.

MRCB : I bought MRCB after the right-issues ... it was at 90cents level back then, but I sold too early at 99cents and 1.03 (most of my trading members sold there too) ... but guess what ... it flew off above RM1.10 the day after ... crazy. So, I wait for retracement to support RM1.03, bought yesterday and sold RM1.06 ... now queue to buyback at RM1.02. See if could be done today.

Trade at own risk ... analyse all they want. I need to learn to close all the noises around me and to learn to trade well.

Trading workshop : Confirmed to have a one-day basic (for newbies/novices) charting-technical workshop on reading charts/indicators ... trading plan and do real trades. Next Saturday 11th Nov. Do contac me at or message me 012-821 0129. EVeryone has their own set-ups and trading strategies ... so, I could only teach/guide my own way of trading.

So ... join me in my trading group ... or if u wish to learn the basic of trading, you can attend my workshop (twice a year ... only when I m having my holiday)

Have nice trading week.


Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Stock Alert : Ekovest

Ekovest ... before the trend ...

Ekovest ... the end.


Monday, October 30, 2017

Stock Watch : Tecfast

Tecfast : I used this one as an example for last night's 'breakout' discussion ... in uptrending stock, high will go higher ... and we need to take care of the risk, it is 'OK' to buy into these uptrending stocks.

So ... I will encourage my trading group to 'follow' the trending stocks, rather than checking on so-called under-valued down-treding stocks. Leave that to fundamentalists ...

cohort 26 : It is confirmed that I will have a trading workshop next month , 11th Nov (Sat) and tose interested to join, contact me at

Time to prepare for market opening. Soybean oil breakout last Friday from the very strong resistance (hourly) ad we expect FCPO to gap up and open higher (long FCPO).


Sunday, October 29, 2017

e-meeting : Trading breakout

e-meeting : breakout Sun, Oct 29, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

Will be giving 'examples' to explain one of the breakout trading system.

note : only meant for traders.


Turtle Traders : Curtis Faith

Re-reading the book ... chosen few pages to re-call what I have read about 'breakout' or 'trade with a trend' ...

so, time to re-look into the alteration I have made over the years ...

AeonCr : breakout ... let us check how to use the 'turtle-trading' to ride on the new uptrend(up-leg)

Trading workshop : Planning on one ... 12th NOV (Saturday) as A-level exams going on and I m kinda 'free' now.

contact :


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Breakouts : Comfort and Tecfast

Comfort : breakout strongly from the RM1 ... closed at RM1.10.

Tecfast : ex-bonus ... then yesterday shot up, breakout of 77cents (adjusted).

Tawin breakout too ... there might be a few more which I m not monitoring as I m trading the two above.

Trade uptrend, trade hot-stocks and trade breakouts.


Sunday, October 15, 2017

e-meeting : Preparations

Being a trader : Preparations

Sun, Oct 15, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.




画 by 赵雷


Wèi jìmò de yèkōng huà shàng yīgè yuèliàng
bǎ wǒ huà zài nà yuèliàng xiàmiàn gēchàng
wèi lěngqīng de fángzi huà shàng yī shàn dà chuāng
zài huà shàng yī zhāng chuáng

huà yīgè gūniáng péizhe wǒ
zài huà gè huābiān de bèiwō
huà shàng zào lú yǔ cháihuǒ
wǒmen yīqǐ shēnglái yīqǐ huó

huà yīqún niǎo er wéizhe wǒ
zài huà shàng lǜ lǐng hé qīng pō
huà shàng níngjìng yǔ xiánghé
yǔdiǎn er zài dàotián shàng piāoluò

huà shàng yǒu nǐ néng yòng shǒu chù dào de cǎihóng
huà zhōng yóu wǒ juédìng bù miè de xīngkōng
huà shàng wānqū wújìn píngtǎn de xiǎolù
jìntóu de rénjiā mèng yǐ rù

huà shàng mǔqīn ānxiáng de zīshì
hái yǒu xiàngpí néng cā qù de zhēngzhí
huà shàng sìjì dōu bù chóu de liángshí
 yōuxián de rén cóng méi xīnshì

 wǒ méiyǒu cā qù zhēngchǎo de xiàngpí
 zhǐyǒu yī zhī huàzhe gūdú de bǐ
 nà yèkōng de yuè yě bù zài liàng
 zhǐyǒu gè yōuyù de hái'zi zài chàng

 wèi jìmò de yèkōng huà shàng yīgè yuèliàng

Note : very nice song ... and I m learning to sing it. Hope to sing this number in karaoke (i will only go with family la)


Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Trading FCPO

This is FCPO (Jan18) daily chart ... by Wenhua. We do need to check on soyoil prices too, as normally they move in tandem.

Time-frame used : 15min, 30min and hourly.

One could use charts too but I m more familiar withWenHua after using it daily for 1-2 years now. I have TCPro but not familiar with that do, but TCPro needed when web-based platform will freeze/jam due to 'high-volume' moments. Well, I m still a newbie in trading FCPO, so ... I could not say much. Tho I m doing consistent now, I have loads to learn.

Yes ... I wish to reach out to those few who really trade FCPO (for living) and we could exchange ideas and learning together.

Do contact me :



Monday, October 09, 2017

Stock Watch : Sendai

Sendai : huge volume moved in last week ... and breakout of 85cents resistance. Now, it is above 90cents ...20MA. BUY.


TED : Stock Market Psychology

A good talk for Monday morning.


Saturday, October 07, 2017

Idea : Trading for living (FCPO)

It is 1pm ... just had lunch by my own and going to blog for half hour or so ... before another tuition class .

If we are newbies to trading, I would strongly advise that you start with increasing our knowledge, in which ... due to information overload, many BS fake things we will read. It is near impossible for newbies to understand WHAT to filter and what is not.

Take that piece of advice.

You see, as majority are losers out there (80% , the said) there is no way that we ask around and fund someone who will tell us the truth about their trades and also what is the so-called BEST method to trade consistently.

You may attend a FREE talk on trading FCPO ... they scam those advertisements in telegram, watsapp and all social media groups/pages ... FREE? Tell the speakers or organiser ... HEY, if you know how to trade FCPO (Rm25 per point, ya!!), why are you STILL giving free talks in small-scales and such? WHY still trying to SELL some software which could beat the markets? WHY still charging fees for buy/sell signals? WHAT?

We can use that software ... long or short in huge manner, and profit so-so well in FCPO, right?

Imagine : one contract = RM5k capital.

RM25 per point ... long and gain 20bits = RM25 x 20 = RM500 per lot.

LONG 10 lots (or bigger la) ... RM5k profits in a "simple" ONE HOUR (it moves 20bits easily, up or down).

Then, we SHORT ... when the signals shown, and profit another RM5k the next hour!!

Simple as that ... RM10k profits per day, utilising RM50k capital. That is a cool 20% per DAY.

Assuming we do that consistently, RM50k profits = 100% per week.

So ... do you think I will sell you the software to trade well? i will be using it myself, trading for living. In fact, I could gather some seriousinvestors to put in huge money and trade 100lots, instead of just 10lots ... or my pathetic daily 1 lot trade?

It is NOT realistic ... the issue of RISK comes into mind.

There is no system or softwares to generate such trade-signals. Otherwise, it will NOT be sold out there to public!! Simple common sense ... those promoters and speakers earn money by selling softwares and it is not wrong at all. Both willing parties ... why not? It is just like buying those massage chairs rather than going for massage regularly ... but not neccesary as effective or we are using them, right? haha.

Trading for living is real ... real trades using real money and trading real instrument.

It is hard if we are trading stocks as besides needing huge capitals, we need to buy at lower price, to sell higher. We could not "SHORT" ... sell first and buying it back at lower.

Trading supposed to be TWO ways ... long or short. Softwares or tools just to help up. So, those are not expensive, some even provde free charts. Wen-hua charts are FREE ... and the best around. Who says free is not good? That is because they want to justify us to invest in their expensive softwares, right?

I do not know how to read chinese ...but we all know how to read MA or indicators, right? Support-Resistance?

I have been trading FCPO for past 2-3 yrs ... initial years was crazy, and got burnt. Again ... burnt. Then ... I paused for months, before re-examined the strategies and getting wiser!!

Now, if is possible to generate few 'k' profits (from RM10k-RM20k capital) per month. POSSIBLE ... but very challenging. If we are un-realistic person, we could not be a trader.

I do hope to know real FCPO traders (for living .. not only those working in banks) .. those trading for living. Those REAL traders ... shall we meet up?

Normally, our brokers would provide us charts too : TCPro is very good.

But as I m so used to wen-hua, I m sticking to it ... to trade SOYOIL and FCPO.

Here is the link to download the desktop which I do not use ... I m using the apps.

One could 'google' trading FCPO or youtube ... check if there is any GOOD and REAL traders in FCPO, successfully ... and being a full-time trader ... earn good living from trading !!

I m still searching for those traders ... not promoters. It is like ... very few.

Well ... I will see hw far I could survive , swimming with the sharks.

But ... I will not quit. I will continue to probe on ... and come out with a consistent system to trade well, profitably.

Note : I m interested to meet with those full-time REAL traders or those intend to trade ... full-time, in future. Contact me :

Have a nice trading week ahead.


Thursday, October 05, 2017

Stock Watch : Aemulus

Bought yesterday but only managed to buy 'small' position and sold off at 64cents done. So, trying to buyback and see if it will close above 63cents. Selling would be at 66cents recent surge resistance.

 Have a coffee-date this morning. An biz-man ... and he said he followed my blog and wish to talk about learning to trade!!

Note : those wish to learn to trade ... short-term or learning from basic about stock-market trading, can contact me :

as I have moved to

Long FKLI ... long FCPO currently.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

DOW at new high 22, 641.67

Morning ... just to record this here : DOW at new high again ...

Well, KLCI rebounded yesterday ... and hold to my long FKLI. It has been 'weird' that FKLI at discount.

FCPO is to rebound from here and I have turned long yesterday, from short for past a week?

It has been a difficult 2-3 weeks as many stocks drifting lower.

VS : breakout to new high again

Have a nice trading week as we shall see some 'green' around after days of red.


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Stock Alert : Superln

Superln : gap down to hit RM2.27 this morning due to bad QR ... these days, if QR not up to expectation, GAP DOWN becoming common for those stocks running fast up ...

Looks like a double top formed before the dive ... and yesterday's candle giving warning.

Lesson of the day : Sell ahead of QR

Many more gapped down recently after a good uptrend ... such as IQGroup, Magni ... and even Mitra.

Be aware of the QR (quarter reports)


Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Knowledge and Experience

Preparation for crash : Knowledge and Experiences

Tue, Sep 26, 2017 10:00 PM - 11:30 PM +08

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Interesting topic : SHOULD WE stay aside and wait to buy only during crash?


Bungaraya berkembang

After Merdeka ... it blossoms.

There ... last week, someone made it popular again by giving high 'target price'. Someone must have collected enough to push it ... and today , we seeing at 67 now.

So, if u r a risk taker ... and believe it will kembang till RM1 ... buy-hold then.

Note : I m not in position.